Cats Are the Worst

Cats Are the Worst

From Pussweek author Bexy McFly and artist Megan Lynn Kott comes an hilarious book all about the love/hate relationship between cats and their humans!

From shredded furniture to messy litter boxes to fur on everything, there are times when every cat owner wants to shout, "Cats are the worst!" This playful book shows what it looks like if cats could shout back, "No, humans are the worst!"

For every grievance humans have about their feline friends (knocked over glasses!), cats have one about their humans (unprovoked vacuuming!)—and each is explored in a lively exchange that is as funny as it is familiar.

Filled with watercolor illustrations that perfectly capture every moment of cat-titude and packaged in a lovingly clawed case, Cats Are the Worst is a relatable laugh for anyone who might agree that cats are the worst—but also, maybe, a little bit the best.

Images courtesy of Erica Danger.

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What cats (and their humans) are saying about this fine piece of litter-ature...

Cute, funny, and very relatable for cat people!

This book is perfect -- wait, wait...PURRFECT -- for any cat lover with a sense of humor! Humans' thoughts about cats are contrasted with cats' thoughts about humans, which ends up being a hilarious juxtaposition. (Not to mention, I never thought about some of these things from my cat's perspective!) Sometimes the graphics in humor books can be an afterthought, but definitely not with this one! The watercolor illustrations are clever and vibrant, and you can really see the personality in each cat. I can't wait to give this book as a gift this year! (And don't worry, the authors don't *actually* think cats are the worst - you'll see!)


A clever book about cats and their people

I got it thinking it was an easy enough read I could throw it in rotation for my 4 month old. It’s actually longer than I expected, which isn’t a bad thing. More cats! I keep reading it to her in hopes that she’ll warm up to her fur siblings and realize cats love us just as much as we love them.


Sweet book

Cat lovers/owner will enjoy as will children.


Cat's eye view of the world

Gave to my daughter for her birthday. She's crazy about it!


Super cute

Great for humans and cats alike! Seriously, so cute, funny and TRUE! I’m sure this is what my cats are thinking!


Cutest coffee table book!

If you’re a cat owner, you will appreciate this book. Seriously. Every cat owner will relate to this book. It’s so funny, and beautifully illustrated. Cats are the worst... or is it their owners who are the worst?


The best

This book is so great. Get it for every one you love that is owned by cats.


Perfect for any cat owner!

This book is perfect for anyone has/has had a cat. Every page is 100% true. A great and easy read with good humor in it.

Jesse H

Great book

Great book. Hilarious things about them. Well worth a read.

Amazon Customer

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