Pussweek Cats Only Deluxe Pack! - US Clearance

$99.99 $69.99

Meow! Nothing's worse than finding your property being used, chewed on and gummed by inconsiderate humans and dogs. 

So what better way to keep out the riff-raff than to empower yourself with ALL SEVEN ISSUES of Pussweek?!! PLUS a bonus STRICTLY CATS ONLY poster print, magnet, bumper sticker and bow tie! Over $150 value!

The Pussweek Cats Only Pack includes:

• Pussweek Issue One

• Pussweek Issue Two

• Pussweek Issue Three - The Ginger Issue with bonus centrefold

• Pussweek Issue Four

• Pussweek Issue Five  - The Black Issue with double cover & sealed section

• Pussweek Issue Six - The Body Issue with bonus centrefold

• Pussweek Issue Seven - The Holiday Issue with bonus greeting cards

• Strictly Cats Only deluxe magnet

• Strictly Cats Only poster print

• Strictly Cats Only bumper sticker

• Pussweek Cat Head sticker

• Snappy Bow Tie


We ship to cats all over the world!

Note: Bow tie colour may vary.