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Pussweek Big Love & Indifference Deluxe Pack!


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Showing love gets you treats. Even if it's fake love, idiot humans can't tell the difference. So what better way to wear your heart on your butt than to leave a 'chocolate' present on the rug! Then, while your human is cleaning that up, get comfy with the first five issues of Pussweek PLUS a bonus collar pin set & stickers! Over $100 value!

The Pussweek Love & Indifference Pack is bound to have your loved one purring in no time. Each pack includes:

• Pussweek Issue One

• Pussweek Issue Two

• Pussweek Issue Three - The Ginger Issue

• Pussweek Issue Four

• The BRAND MEW Pussweek Issue Five  - The Black Issue with double cover & sealed section

• Love & Indifference collar pin set to wear with pride

• Strictly Cats Only bumper sticker

• Pussweek Cat Head sticker

• Pawesome loved up gift wrapping, ready to give (or claw open yourself)!


Note: Collar pin designs may vary.