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Pussweek Ultimate Autumn Pack!

Regular price $59.99

Meow! Autumn is leafy. It sucks to be attacked by leaves. So what better way to wait out the savage leaf massacre than to get the coveted first three issues of Pussweek?!! PLUS a bonus LEAF PRINT, PLUS Pussweek chain! Over $65 value!

Wear the chain on your collar and strut around the neighbourhood like the gangsta that you surely are. This delightful peasant chain will help you send the right message to intrusive humans,

​The Leaf print is our best-selling print from Issue One and measures about A5 in size. Put it up near your bed/bowl/chair/litterbox to give you inspurration of some sort.

We ship all over the world!

*NB* International orders will be posted in 3 separate parcels so than we can provide you the best pawsible shipping price. For this reason, the wrapping will be slightly different to the picture shown. If you are an international cat and would like to pay extra to have it shipped whole and as pictured, please leave a note on your order and we will be in touch (not on the belly).

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