Pussweek Coffee Table Pack!


Coffee tables are for walking on. So how come every time we walk on one we get attacked by a spray bottle? RUDE.

Well, fear not, for we've found a loophole: books shouldn't get wet. So if there are books on the table, said spray bottle might be a little less trigger happy, ya dig? So what better books to start your coffee table off right than FIVE WHOLE ISSUES of PUSSWEEK?!

The Pussweek Coffee Table Pack is bound to keep your butt dry and have your guests chuckling sensibly. Each pack contains:

• Pussweek Issue One

• Pussweek Issue Two

• Pussweek Issue Three - The Ginger Issue

• Pussweek Issue Four

• Pussweek Issue Six

• Pussweek Cat Head Sticker

• Pussweek I Love You Sticker

Why no Issue Five or Seven, you ask? Those are limited edition & are sold separately. Don't worry, you can also purrchase them right here on this very website!