What is Pussweek?

Pussweek is a collectable coffee table book written by cats, for cats. Humans have Vogue and GQ, we have Pussweek.

We cats don't get out very often, and we're often in the dark (until some inconsiderate human turns the goddamn light on) - we are nocturnal after all. We're tired of reading crappy human mewspapers - that's why we shred them. We want to read something relevant to us. We want to know what's happening in the cat world, and how to be the best possible felines we can be.

​Enter Pussweek.

Pussweek is great to read on the litterbox or under the bed. It's strictly NO HUMANS ALLOWED, so it's a safe space to delve into topics like: What's your licking style?What does your scratching post say about you?, Which windowsill is best for your body type? and hard-hitting stories like My big fat gender identity crisisMy human says it's my fault he touched my belly, and I lost eight lives in two weeks - the diary of a catnip addict. There are also insightful quizzes, extreme sports, five second meals, advice, horoscopes, gossip, and much more. Each issue of Pussweek is different, yet equally hilarious, and essential litterbox reading.

Pussweek is a printed book of the highest quality, so that you can chew on it and/or sleep on it when you're done.

TL, DR:  Pussweek is real. All too real. It's not just an awesome cover with lazy-ass blank pages, it's filled with 100% original and hilarious content for you to read like the smart cat you are.