About the Author

Bexy interviewing Neil Pawstrong at Sydney's Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Those who read Pussweek would be forgiven for thinking that it's written by a huge team of cats. They'd be wrong, but they'd be forgiven. Maybe.

Every single word is written and pawed over by writer, journalist & graphic designer/developer Bexy McFly, with the only exception being celebrity interviewees' responses (but not the interview with Princess Ribena in Pussweek Issue One. That was - you guessed it - Bexy). There are no contributors besides the cats living in Bexy's head, though most of the Pussweek cats are named after felines she's known and loved.

Bexy started Pussweek as a university assignment back around the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. She let it nap for about ten years, then picked it back up as a passion project to help her then kitten, Ollie, learn how to cat. Pussweek quickly became a religion for brutally honest felines. It has thrived since its debut as an e-book on the iTunes e-book charts back in 2014, where it went to #1 within 24 hours of its release. Since then, Bexy has single-pawedly transformed her little book into an internationally-distributed printed publication, now in its seventh issue and countless reprint editions, stocked in stores and cat cafes all over the planet. Thousands of cats around the world are calling it 'essential litterbox reading'.

Bexy has worked for over 15 years in the Advertising industry for some of Australia & the UK's largest brands as a designer, copywriter and animator. Pussweek has thankfully pulled her away from that life, turning her into a proper business cat, but she still freelances here and there (to make the money to buy the bikkies). You might see her buzzing like a bee around her home city of Sydney, Australia, running her online store, delivering Pussweek, talking to printers & sponsors, interrogating cats, scouting for talent, waiting in line at her second home - the post office, writing Pussweek in any cafe that will have her, or writing her column in RSPCA's Biscuit magazine. She can also be found throughout the year at the many cat-related events she attends in the US, UK and Europe.

Bexy works tirelessly for the mental health of cats, and just wants them to have a safe place to discuss and learn more about what's impawtant to them. She's been gifted with a particular set of feline communication skills, able to speak fluent cat thanks to a VERY strange and highly dangerous occurrence in her mid teens (a story for another day), and has been told by countless cats that she just 'gets them'. She was definitely a cat in her past life and hopes to be one again in her next.