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A Cat's Guide to Feline Empowerment


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Pussweek: A Cat's Guide to Feline Empowerment is full of hilarious spreads, quizzes, top-notch photos of cats in all their cuteness and weirdness, plus TWO hairy centrefolds for you to look at in your alone time under the bed (though most cats read Pussweek for the articles).

Based on the wildly popular series Pussweek | By Cats, For Cats, this book is a feline parody of trashy fashion and celebrity gossip rags, an a must-read for all discerning felines. This is not an anthology – this bigger, fatter, hairier puss is full of all-new content, with just a tiny sprinkling of some classic articles to refresh your intensive feline empowerment training learned over past issues. If you have never read the past issues, well, that's ok too – it'll still make sense to intelligent cats (though you should really get on that).

From scandalous pawparazzi pics to revealing litter quizzes, hairy exposès to tell-tail interviews, you will finally find the feline empowerment that lies within you. So don't take a doggone no for an answer.

Yarn & catnip drug mule mice not included.