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The Real Me


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You're a good cat and a pretty cat. But you're also a SAVAGE BEAST and you don't care who knows it. Which is why you need to wear this pin on your collar, so everyone stays the hell away, leaving you to finally nap in peace. This pin will make all your dreams come true - as long as you only dream of being a savage beast.

But don't take our word for it, read what these cats had to say:

"I used to be a pathetic pussy. Now everyone is terrified of me!" - Kale, British Shorthair

"I've always considered myself a savage beast, but I'm so incredibly beautiful that nobody has ever taken me seriously. This pin has solved all my problems!" - Mrs Puff, Domestic Longhair

"Meow my collar is finally as fierce as my claws. Thanks, Pussweek!" -  Beatrice, Maine Coon

25mm (1 inch) diameter
CLAWTION: Watch out for pricks. Oh, and there are sharp parts on this collar pin too. That's why it's called a pin. Duh.

Pls note: Colours may vary