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Yawn - Deluxe Magnet


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Tired of humans with their crappy inspurrational crappety crap all over the house? Tired of walking past that "Live, Laugh, Love" sign and not having the bladder pressure or proper aim to pee on it so high up? Want to claw that "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" sign out from the wall, if only to let your human know that someone IS watching, and it's you, and their dancing sucks?

Even the playing field and get some inspurration of your own with this VERY motivational magnet fleaturing the pawsitive message "Yawn like a human is talking". 

Stick this magnet on your fridge. Or anywhere magnetic, really.

Measures 65mm x 90mm. Shiny. Not all that tasty to lick but you can give it a go.